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2010  Des Townson Memorial Regatta

Hosted by Lindsay & Rita Graves


Venue: Bucklands Beach Yacht Club


Held on: 13th November 2010

Kia Orana, Everyone,


Thank-you “God” for the sunny weather, for the wind that was there, abate not quite from the desired direction, for the sportsmanship of the entrants, and for the fun we all had on Saturday.


Congratulations to Bunny Nicholson who won the regatta on a count back. A very close call but well deserved.






Congratulations to Brett May winning the “Des Townson Memorial Trophy”


(He thought he was having a bad day but got a nice surprise)


My very special thanks to Judy and Bernie who did the scoring and starting for us. A long and demanding all day task which must be done to achieve a result.


Our very special thanks must also go to Peter Jesson for his tireless efforts with “Fleets in and out”.  Another demanding and physical, all day task which was achieved with such smooth finesse. We literally flew through the round robins. Lindsay’s help in the morning, while still racing, is also well appreciated.




Rita Graves

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Final Results


1.. Bunny Nicholson

                      Net points 32


2.. Lindsay Graves

                      Net points 32


3.. Don Lidgard

                      Net points 36


4.. Ray Nixon

                      Net points 50


5.. Steve Parker

                      Net points 58

I apolgise to those in my, the green group, who did not get photographed.


Greg Paul