The Best Radio Controlled Yacht in the World

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Hosted by the Electron Owners Association


With help from representatives of the BBYC, WIYC and OYC


Venue: Onepoto Domain


Held on: 11th May 2013

The Electron Owners Association wishes to thank all clubs, and particularly their representatives, that again supported the Onepoto Regatta.


The cooperation was fantastic, and while the weather was not what we would have requested, the Commodores, Greg S, Lindsay and Ray, did terrific stuff to organise the races they did, and produce sufficient official races to have a successful regatta.


I particularly want to thank Bernie Nixon, on taking on the running of the starts, recording the results, and having all sorted, before I could get to her to help out.


Thank You Heaps Bernie.


Greg Paul


Secretary / Treasurer


I also thank Ian Kohler for taking over my camera requirements, a neat coverage of the day Ian.



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Handicap Results


For the Onepoto Trophy


1.. Ross Morton

                   Net points 96


2.. Greg Paul

                   Net points 97


3.. Dan Leahy

                   Net points 97.5


Line Honours


For the Jim Lidgard

        Memorial Trophy


1.. Lindsay Graves

                      Net points 6


2.. Greg Paul

                      Net points 9


3.. Greg Stenbeck

                      Net points 11

incorporating the

Jim Lidgard Memorial Trophy

2013 Onepoto Regatta

Photos courtesy of Ian Kohler