The Best Radio Controlled Yacht in the World

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Venue: Viaduct Basin. Auckland


Held on: 3rd and 4th October 2015



injunction with the Classic Yacht Association and Tino Rawa Trust

Celebrating Des Townson

Des Townson's five favourite designs, and why:




"because it was, and is, so pretty, I wouldn't alter it in any way".


Talent Mk II


"because it's beautiful to sail, and so well proportioned".




"because it's a pretty little boat, and the kids enjoy them so much".




"because I put a lot of work into the styling and design, which you feel when you sail it.  A great all round boat and a pleasure to sail".




"because it's a miniature proper yacht and when you see a fleet of them racing, they could be a fleet of full sized yachts.  


I still enjoy seeing an Electron hull coming out of the mould".


John Macfarlane, I do hope you don't mind me using this from your book


"The Des Townson Story"


A Celebration of a New Zealand Yacht designer



A celebration of a New Zealand Yacht Designer


Author:  John Macfarlane


Graphics from the book will be available here shortly, along with how to purchase.


A great read for those who were part of and/or followed Des Townson and his designs.