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EOA Handicap System



In the Interests of attracting more competitors to Electron Regattas, it has been
suggested that competitors should be able to sail for a Handicap Title as well as
the Line Honours Title, (first across the line).

The results of 13 Open Regattas from 2005 to 2015 were analysed, and competitors grouped into bands, with a Handicap Index allocated that recognises the relative performance of each. These have since been reviewed inlight of recent regattas.

The resultant SCORE will reflect a competitor who has sailed better than their index,
(their average or assessed position).


The Handicap Index establishes a Handicap Adjustment depending on the number of competitors. See the easy referenced Adjustment Calculator top right.

An adjusted Score is calculated from:

Finishing Position plus 100 . . . minus Handicap Adjustment = Net Score

The lowest Net Score wins the Handicap Title.


1 Handicap Indexes are available on the Electron Website to the right

2 All Electron Owners can Apply for a Handicap Index or for a reassessment.

3 The Handicap Adjustment is calculated from the number of Starters prior to
the start of the regatta . . . See the calculation sheet

4 Any competitor without a Handicap Index will be assessed and put into the
band closest to those they usually compete closely with at their own club.

5 Competitors are required to declare if they will be using New Sails for their
Handicap Index to be reassessed. Sails are the only significant
  change that someone can make, and do make a difference.

6 The Handicap Indexes will be reassessed after each Regatta or event, for any
  unusual result.

7 In the case of a Tie, the highest handicap Index competitor is the winner.

Note also

All clubs are able to use the EHCIS System for their own events. While not suitable for a season series of races, it has proven to work for any one or two day Regatta, where the competitors remain consistent.

Again, it is not considered suitable for an ongoing series over a period of weeks or months, where the number of and actual competitors can change from race to race.

All Clubs

All clubs are welcome to participate by sending in your input and comments.

No Handicap System is perfect, and the above is designed to recognise those that
perform better than their normal, and who may not usually have any chance of a
podium position.

It has been designed to be simple to operate, particularly in producing the handicap
result at the end of a regatta with little extra time or effort.

A simple calculation process is all that is necessary, with all information already established.

We would ask that all clubs assess the Handicap INDEX,and submit any members that are missing or are considered incorrect

Please Note

Such Handicapping Systems, (non measurement calculated), are based on certain amount of discretionary judgement by the handicapping Supervisor. While these indexes are reviewed prior to each Open Regatta, they are based on individual club handicaps, and results from previous/recent Open Regattas. It is not possible to guarantee that a particular competitor who may have purchased new sails or even a boat, and so is sailing better than he used to, has been picked up.

Electron HandiCap Index System 


Printable versions of

Handicap Index and
Adjustment Calculator

Last Updated: March 2020

Click the above to print a full schedule of EHCIS Indexes

Handicap Indexes have been adjusted following the

and 2020 AAR

An adjustment is applied to the first places on Handicap

This can be from .25 to .75
at the consideration of the Handicap Supervisor

The full handicap schedule is reviewed by the "handicap subcommittee" made up of member representatives from participating Electron Clubs.,
prior to every OPEN Regatta


As this is a general handicap system, all handicaps are reviewed from time to time,
and any anomilies corrected.

We do remind all competitors that although the Electron is the Best example of a One Design yacht, the one factor that can make a difference is new sails.

I am sure you will agree that
new sails will generally be better than 10 year old sails.

. . . And so all competitors are required to notify the EHCIS handicap supervisor Greg Paul of the purchasing new sails.

[email protected]

This will not necessarily mean a change to your Index, but, will allow a review of your results to ensure your index reflects your position correctly

Notification of the purchase of NEW Sails required

Please read below

If you disagree

with your EHCIS Index

Please contact our Handicap Supervisor, Greg Paul, on [email protected]

Your Index will be reviewed in consideration of your recent results at Open Regattas and your Own club results.

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