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Onepoto Club Results

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Handicap Results


1st . .   .  . John Hinton

2nd . .  . . Gary Irwin

3rd . .  . .  Barry Matthews


Scratch Results


1st =   . .  Ray Nixon

1st =    . . Judy Salthouse

3rd . .  . .  Bill Herald


Well - some wind - Pre cyclone gusts made racing interesting.

Well done to John Hinton who cleared out with his handicap in the fresh conditions.


Gary 2nd and Barry 3rd. You had to think ahead today to avoid problems. A lot of these at mark rounding and a lot of mark re rounding was done !!!

Didn’t know how to break the tie in the Scratch series so called it 1st equal between Ray and Judy. If it came down to who beat who in the last race (match racing rules) Ray would take it.


Neil had mast step damage so only raced 2 races. Bad luck Neil.

Overall I think the handicaps worked well.


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18th March 2015

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