The Best Radio Controlled Yacht in the World

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The Electron Described

The 'Electron" is a strict one-design radio controlled model yacht, ideal for class or match racing or just plain sailing fun.


Size and set-up has been carefully considered for easy transport. The hull sits in a cradle fitted with carry straps. The 'Electron' fits easily into a saloon car boot.


Construction is G.R.P., similar to full-scale yachts and the model is rugged and

durable, requiring a minimum of maintenance.


Based on experience gained from a long line of successful full-sized designs, the model is a delight to sail through a wide rage of wind and sea conditions.


Battery consumption is light, compared to other radio-controlled hobbies,

as wind is the motivator - only control is required. Radio range is well beyond

useful visual limits subject, of course, to the state of the batteries.

To the right is the original sales material for the Electron as written by Des Townson.

The Electron is a one design radio controlled model yacht designed and built by the

late Des Townson.


The polularity of the model has been enormous with fleets racing in countries around the world. Over 1000 Electrons were personally built by Des before his death in 2008


The Electron Owners Association was formed to ensure the continuation of the class and to maintain the one design ideals.


The EOA aims to foster competitive and fun racing of Electron yachts and regular national and international Electron racing events.