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To All Electron Groups

This Electron Owners Association website is intended for the benefit and support of the Electron and all Electron Clubs and Groups.


The facility is available for your use, to attract new members and to communicate with your present members, either by a link to your own website, or by using the website as your clubs internet facility.


If you own an Electron and would like help with setting up a club where you live. Let us know and we can help you find fellow owners nearby.


Please help us with the keeping the Club Directory up to date


You can help us by supplying the information to update your club directory page.


Please look at the Orakei Yacht Club page and supply the same information for us to complete the directory.


What can the EOA website do for your Club ?


We can set up a page or number of pages for your club to help you:


  • Promote events and regattas

  • Announce and record results

  • Publish your club newsletter

  • Display your photos showing your club and activities


How much will it cost?


One or two pages are available for FREE.


Although as a participating club, we would hope you have done your part in obtaining a sponsor or two for the EOA.


If your club would like more information, just contact Greg at [email protected] or our web manager, Roger Lacey.


Would like to set up or have a link your own club Website?


If your club would like your own website, we are happy to help.

The cost of a small website, set up to attract members and supply an information base for your club, is quite small. It does require a dedicated member / supporter  to do the ongoing updating of the news, results etc. It is not difficult, but, does take some time input.